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This project increases access to essential services by historically vulnerable and marginalised groups, especially in informal settlements. This will largely be spearheaded by Blink community associates and volunteers who identify the needs in the community and use the Blink platform to create awareness and connect people to services. Thus far Blink has connected vulnerable households to food and young single mothers to technology-based capacity building opportunities that involve photojournalism.

This “photography for change” initiative is an exciting opportunity for these young women to access long-term skills and diversify their form of income through this training programme. You can find more information on the project here


Amongst other COVID-19 related activities, Blink is facilitating the production of quality reusable facemasks for distribution in informal settlements and to at-risk populations such as the elderly and persons with disabilities. Through our community awareness-raising/ education programs, we are also dispelling any myths associated with the usage of masks and the importance of daily-hand washing. We are supporting local tailors to make the masks thus creating a revenue stream for them.

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