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Due to the global pandemic and the subsequent closure of schools, Blink identified a gap in the opportunities in the care of children from low-income families. This gap in care and service provision made the children particularly vulnerable to getting into drug abuse, child labour and sexual abuse among other adverse co-oping mechanisms. We believe life skills can be a useful tool in improving the welfare and mental wellbeing of children hence the introduction of the Transformative Life-Skills Training Programme in 2020. For more information on the programme Check out our Blog here and our summary video on our Youtube channel here


Amongst other COVID-19 related activities, Blink is facilitating the production of quality reusable facemasks for distribution in informal settlements and to at-risk populations such as the elderly and persons with disabilities. Through our community awareness-raising/ education programs, we are also dispelling any myths associated with the usage of masks and the importance of daily-hand washing. We are supporting local tailors to make the masks thus creating a revenue stream for them.

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