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Tanya has considerable knowledge in the coordination of development projects and best practices in emergency response management within East Africa. Despite engaging in several other development initiatives with agencies across the globe Tanya reserves time to work on her brain-child Blink which she believes can foster real, sustainable transformation on access to mental healthcare within the East African region. She enjoys beginning her day at the crack of dawn with prayer and thanksgiving and swiftly proceeds to enjoy her daily jog around her neighbourhood.

Favourite quote: The more I learn the less I know!


SENIOR ADVISOR                                                  N. S. NAPPINAI

Nappinai shares her valuable  expertise on child protection and women’s protection and empowerment from her country, India. She is Supreme Court Advocate and a renowned lawyer (since 1991) focusing on litigation and policy work, apart from her social responsibility engagements for training judges, police, armed forces, students and industry. 

Ms. Nappinai is a prolific writer, whose articles have been published in leading National and International publications. She has authored a seminal book on cyberlaws titled “Technology Laws Decoded” (in 2017). Her core value has been her quest for justice. She believes that justice is not just about Rule of law or enforcing the same but something beyond that including ensuring equity and fair play. Her ideal is to ensure equality and equal treatment to all; and ensuring integrity and honesty in her pursuit of justice. When she is not working she enjoys watching movies, games (including video games), travel, and interacting with people from across the world.

 MENTAL HEALTH OFFICER                                   EDNA MBUGUA

Edna is a Psychologist from Nairobi, Kenya who is passionate about actively advocating for the fundamental human right to health through the alleviation of psychological distress.Her superpower is her great sense of perception and sensitivity. She can easily notice patterns in human behaviour, read body language well, and pay attention to how people interact.

In her free time she enjoys spending being with her family, be it sharing a nice home-cooked meal or taking long scenic drives together. She also loves animals.

Favourite quote: “He who conquers others is strong, but he who conquers himself is mighty.” ~ Lao Tzu.



Edgars passion has always been, humanitarian impact. A big part of his impact comes from creating awareness on what people are going through in the world, and I see this opportunity at Blink, as a good platform to do just that, in my role as the Lead Social Media Strategist. Patience and calmness in times of crisis is his superpower.  His favourite quote: “After the chaos, the solution is only a conversation away”.

Outside of work, he enjoys watching and analysing football matches, listening to music, or fixating on innovative ideas that will potentially make me the tech, Aliko Dangote.”