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Hafsat Buhari’s unique way of creating awareness on mental health was by using fashion with some touch of makeup. She used bobbin, pins, threads, zips, different shapes and colors of fabric to explain the following mental health disorders:

1. Body Dysmorphic Disorder

This picture portrays body dysmorphic disorder, it is a mental illness involving obsessive focus on a perceived flaw in appearance. The flaw may be minor or imagined but the person may spend hours a day trying to fix it.

2. Bipolar Disorder

This unique picture depicts bipolar disorder which is a mental health condition that causes extreme mood swings – gravitating between highs and lows. The colours have been used to demonstrate the opposite moods that can exist in an individual.

3. Anxiety Disorder

This picture portrays anxiety disorder, which is when the person’s fears or worries are out of proportion to the situation. The art using needles aptly illustrates how anxiety is centred in the mind and is restrictive as if being caught in a web.

4. Depression

This stunning portrayal of depression is a mental health problem that involves low mood and a loss of interest in ordinarily enjoyable activities. Emotions such as hopelessness and despair take hold and the individual almost feels like they are drowning in their despair. The black tears sketched on the artists face almost appear to be permanent as she looks on impassively at the world.

5. Borderline personality disorder

Borderline personality disorder typically manifests itself in a weak sense of personal identity, and a distorted sense of self. A person’s behaviour and personality can change significantly depending on who they are with. The imagery of different colours and patterns in the picture above demonstrate these changes. Symptoms which include emotional instability, feelings of worthlessness, insecurity, impulsivity and impaired social relationships may lead to self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

6. Insomnia

This picture portrays insomnia which is persistent problems falling and staying asleep. The imagery aptly represents an inability to close or to zip up one’s eyes and mind to find the much-needed rest. This can lead to increased frustration, irritability and fatigue.

If you believe you may be experiencing any of these symptoms or know anybody who may be experiencing some mental health challenge seek help immediately at your nearest health provider!