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Destigmatizing Mental Health through AI

Blink International’s innovation is to provide quality monitoring and response tools for at-risk patients (such as those suffering from substance abuse and depression) discharged from mental health facilities.  Mental health practitioners often do not use innovative ways to monitor their patient’s post-therapy/rehabilitation. We believe that if mental health practitioners can monitor their patients remotely through a fun and engaging platform (with AI, voice recognition and mood monitoring technology) early detection of relapses and self-harm can be avoided. In this way, we can create a comprehensive information system that can improve the management of a patient’s case from intake to post-recovery stage after discharge in real-time. The benefits of this programme will be convenience and privacy in accessing mental healthcare.

Current Research Projects for this innovation include:

  • The capacity for gaming to be used as a platform to identify mental health issues, provide suitable support to gamers who are experiencing stress, depression or any other mental health condition.
  • The potential that AI features in the game can work to predict and monitor potential patients thus ensuring that they receive the help they need at an early stage of their lives. Our mission is to save lives and alleviate suffering amongst youth and children.

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