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Gaming For Child Development

Video games have rapidly become a universal aspect of child development especially in Africa where there has been an increase in access to mobile platforms. While much research has focused on the potentially negative psychosocial influences of video games such as depression and aggressive behaviour, researchers are increasingly examining its potential as a tool for training and development. Today millions of children across the world are using video games and are exposed to harmful gender stereotypes. Gender stereotypes emerge during the preschool years and are deeply entrenched by adulthood.
In this regard, we seek to explore gaming as a tool for child development by identifying and curbing mental health problems and gender-based stereotypes.

Current Research Projects for this innovation include:

  • The capacity for gaming to be used as a platform to identify mental health issues, provide suitable support to child gamers who are experiencing stress, depression or any other mental health condition.
  • Can gaming eradicate gender-based stereotypes amongst children in developing nations – particularly in the African context?

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