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Destigmatizing Mental Health through AI

Emerging trends are gravitating towards the use of technology to enhance accessibility and speed at which patients are seen and referred. With an increasing trend of online learning and the proliferation of technology in marginalized areas, Blink is introducing next-generation technology to aid healthcare and community workers in effectively identify mental health challenges in their community through our training platform. Our technology will be enhanced by key AI features that have features able to: identify mental health issues, provide recommendations, and refer cases to nearest healthcare facilities or aid workers upon identification. This platform will be used by multiple community health and non-health workers to increase reach and improve their service to vulnerable groups, and they will be trained on the use of the digital platforms which will also increase the technological prowess and capacity.

Blink’s vision and the potential impact of this innovation can be found in the following feature magazines: Kore Africa Magazine and Leading with Artificial Intelligence: Destigmatizing mental health with AI Gaming Technology.

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