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Evidence Based Programming

Blink takes pride in using a fully participatory approach in all its programmes. We work closely with communities to collect data and design suitable solutions that are sustainable and unconventional. This abides by our strong belief in the decolonization of evidence and data to ensure that communities lead and own their change process. We therefore use the collective voices and experiences to forge the future we want to see. View the latest household survey conducted by our Blink Team.


Partnerships and Networking Opportunities

Blink connects vulnerable and marginalized youth to key services ranging from health, livelihoods and education opportunities. Our speciality is to integrate mental healthcare into existing interventions within these sectors. This has fostered local and international collaborations that have enhanced our reach and impact so far.


Blinks objective is to increase capacity building opportunities to all groups of people regardless of age, gender to ensure equity, continuous creativity and expansion of worldviews. We especially promote the use of technology in our training and sustainability programmes for all our clients and beneficiaries. 



Blink International is a Social Enterprise that seeks to transform the way vulnerable groups access basic lifesaving services. 

We provide superior, affordable, and fast access to services to take care of all our partners essential needs! Blink increases access to quality mental healthcare services and reduces discrimination of vulnerable people affected by health, and economic challenges.This has been made possible through our partnerships with local and international stakeholders.  

Our philosophy is to “Leave No One Behind” and we look for innovative ways to realize Universal Healthcare coverage.


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